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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lost in a Dark Aquarium

Sketches from a Tokyo guesthouse in Nishi Nippori, compiled as Lost in a Dark Aquarium, was completed today.


Physical copies....soon

1. Fake Pond Repair Firm
2. Adrift In A Vast Square
3. Lonely Vessel
4. Misery Portholes
5. I Woke Alone
6. She Swallowed My Days
7. The Taste Of Her Gills
8. Flipper Gazer
9. Yet, You Did Not Reach
10. Reality Swam Away
11. Hibernation Sickness
12. Saint Paul's Lime Sulfur Divesuit
13. Dead Rainbow Rastas
14. Season For Milking Stonefish
15. I Cannot Describe My Happiness
16. Algae Pillows
17. Submerged Guesthouse
18. Running Aground On A Giant Spine
19. Urchin People Stumble Ashore
20. Jade Shards
21. Disembarking From Tentacle Island
22. Dreams Of Ai
23. Storm Herds
24. Derangers
25. Feathers From The Flooded Colonies
26. Wave Graves
27. North Sea Radio

Front Cover

Back Cover



Reality Swam Away

Melted flowers from the field
form a pollen pool

Under rippled rainbow hypoxia
meet the petal ghouls

A nice way to drown
Among strange friends.
The only way
to face the end.

Saint Paul's Lime Sulfur Divesuit

Burrow away

away away

Submerged Guesthouse

I live in a turquoise pebble house

All other songs with vocals:



Saturday, October 2, 2010


Here are some drawings from my sketchbook. 2007-2008

Mindfuck 2007

Spine Spirits 2007

Stillborn 2007

Brain Forest 2008

Two Worlds 2008

Triton 2007