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Friday, January 27, 2023

The Train Station of Pine Needles

It was a sun-soaked day. We were at Gough Whitlam Park, somewhere in the vicinity of Wolli Creek.

The train station loomed beside the muddy creek, nestled amongst a forest of Australian pine trees. The pines had dropped their long fronds and covered the entrance to the station in a twiggy sea of brown and faded green lined patterns.

The station was an old structure made entirely of oak, giving it the mixed resemblance of a tree house and a medieval ship. Above the train tracks was a crisscross of timber walkways that connected gnarled wooden towers, overshadowing the platforms, which housed abandoned shop fronts and cafes.

I walked towards the station, trailing behind Eddy who carried a large backpack, his eyes covered by rectangular black sunglasses. We had to cross to the other side of the station to get to our train's platform and in order to do this we had to climb the station's lumber stairways to cross the train tracks. The stairs were covered in pine needles and I listened to them crackle and crunch under my boots as I ascended them. The stairs climbed higher until they reached a large complex of terraces and empty rooms that once entertained a bustle of people, food and artisan stalls. It was now a melancholy, empty place. 

Eddy was walking quickly ahead and he was so eager to get to our train that I lost sight of him as he crossed a high walkway across the train tracks and disappeared into a dark building across the way. I followed after him and crossed a crooked wooden footbridge, approaching a doorway at the bridge's end.

Upon entering the old building I was surrounded by dusty brown shelves and tables. Clay flowerpots with small, red flowers were lined up and neatly spaced along the shelves and tables. I walked through the room of pots to a staircase that spiraled downwards and began to descend the creaky stairs. I was several stories above the platform and as I made my way down the spiraling stairs I passed more rooms full of clay flowerpots, neatly arranged, and old people stooped and browsing the pots with intent interest as if they were admiring paintings in an art gallery.

The stairs led me to the station's platform where there was a sea of old people milling about. I caught sight of Eddy's face poking up above the sea of white heads and I walked towards him further down the platform, trying not to lose sight of him again.

I finally caught up with Eddy, who had dumped his backpack and was sitting on a waist-high wooden beam. The platform was built above the muddy creek and through the gaps in the wood I watched the brown water flow beneath in a pleasant sounding trickle. 

A sound of metallic, squeaking brakes startled us. Our train had arrived. It was a big, steel steam train that blarred a loud horn as it pumped a great jet of cloudy steam from its funnel. This train only had one destination which was an express service to the Hunter Valley. Eddy and I boarded the train, found some comfortable seats and I dozed off into a deep sleep before the long journey up the coast began.

Eddy roused me from my sleep. We had arrived. We disembarked the train onto a small concrete platform that sat in a giant field of yellow grass that stretched out into the far distance. This train station was completely deserted and windswept. We walked down the platform, passing by a vacant ticket stall, and made our way to a bitumen road that snaked its way through the windy, grassy plain and over a distant hill. We set out on foot and began following the road. The grass eventually turned from yellow to grey. The sky was pale and sunless. 

After a few hours of walking we arrived at a clearing in the grass that was dotted with man-sized holes in the dirt. It gave the impression of a rabbit warren for large rabbits. This is what Eddy and I had come all this way for and we were excited to explore this maze of tunnels to see where they would lead. We slipped into the nearest hole and made our way down into the earth, stooping our heads as the tunnels were only about 5 feet high. Occasional beams of light from other holes would illuminate the tunnels, but as we descended deeper the tunnels began to glow an orange colour. There was an otherworldly light source coming from the earth itself and so we could see quite clearly deep in those tunnels. 

As we made our way deeper underground little alcoves began to appear, etched into the dirt walls, where old rags and bedding were arranged. It seemed that people had once lived in these tunnels, but they had all vanished. It felt spooky so we decided to leave.

As we made our way back to the surface, the orange glow had become dimmer and we struggled in the dark. Eventually the beams of light from the holes in the surface appeared in the distance and we followed them until we reached an entrance to the grassy field. As we clambered out of a hole we noticed that the grass had become greyer than before and the wind was blowing in great gusts causing the expanse of grass to rise and fall like waves in a cold ocean.

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Life of Pan


Treffry Bussin

 My left and right hand men 

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Gig with Destiny Dragon at El Roco


El Roco

 Pre-gig meditation at El Roco 

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

October Rust

 My greatest musical influence on my new T-shirt - October Rust. Introduced to me many years ago in a school yard in Glebe by Jasper

Wednesday, January 4, 2023

New Gig at El Roco with Destiny Dragon

 I’ve been booked for my second gig at El Roco (Sydney’s oldest Jazz club) for Jan 12, 2023. I’ll be playing acoustic ballads while the audience sketches the nude Destiny Dragon 

Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Freedom Ragu

Waiting for my pork ragu, outside kings cross police station. Ahhh the taste of freedom and a clean, bright future. 

Thursday, December 29, 2022



Monday, December 26, 2022

Cat Queen of Castle Hill

Boxing day was a trip to visit a very old feline Queen-friend of mine who once ruled Cherrybrook, but now rules Castle Hill. I then burnt my cakes walking the Edgecliff backroads home.


Saturday, December 24, 2022

The Pied Piper of the Blue Mountains

Taking my nieces down to the pond to look for tadpoles and frogs


Friday, December 23, 2022

Incantations by Paneye (2022)

Incantations by Paneye 2022

Download here: Incantations 2022

Words, Music, Voice by Will Treffry

Art by Johahn

All recorded 2021-2022 on Ocean Street

1. Knowing The Oaks

2. Under The Night Of Pan

3. They Live In Your Blood

4. Emeralds From Paradise

5. Honeycomb Lungs

6. Darkness Shines

7. Descend Beneath The Moon

8. Think Yourself Deathless

9. I Inherit Sleep

10. The Summer Died

11. Pisces Is Leviathan 



Knowing The Oaks


My great grandfather was a druid

He collected nature's healing fluids

In his cauldron of oak leaves

He had knowledge of the oak trees

A father of the northern woods

He lived where tall stones stood

Ruling with his twig haired birch queen

In dense foliage by a gentle stream

Under the ringed solar gleam


Under The Night Of Pan


The solid ground is fragile

The void

Of sky and space is eternal

Nothingness is permanent


Solid can be broken apart

The ancient trees drew their gnarled roots

Out from the earth and followed him

Stepped on a diamond lattice

Of clay

And rotten leaves

Broken open he

Disappeared beneath

The forest

The moon above whispers

All that is great

Is built upon pyramids of sorrow


Emeralds From Paradise


Swirling senselessly

I have no form, just a haphazard heap

Of dispersion 

Floating here for several years

On a river of your tears

Now I am a part of the current

I flow wherever it takes me

Face down I float in your stream

My melancholy life's but a dream

Emeralds from paradise

Invoked twice using blood

Emeralds from paradise

Her incantations turn me to mud

Purification and banishing

The comet tail

Always points away from the sun

Struck me down in the mud

Her incantations rained in a flood

And in your tide I drifted peacefully

The crimson currents filled up my lungs


Honeycomb Lungs


The tide

Sweeps me away

Horizon hides

Behind screens of turquoise rain

I'm going insane

So I'll hold my tongue

Silent red eyes

And honeycomb lungs

My brother nearby

In a ghost gum cave

Resting our minds

On this quiet blue mountain top plain


Darkness Shines


Fold the world

Bold girl

Hold and unfurl

A hole and a swirl

Powdered bones

A barren soul in a girl

So very bold

You broke apart my world

Time remains untold

It burns, smokes and curls

Elation buried in the South Pole

A hole and a swirl

We spoke of the gold

Tomorrow's slow

The moonlight bathed us in pearls

Saturn light bathed us in pearls


Descend Beneath The Moon


Moon eyes 

Staring down at me

In the twilight

Big round eyes

Brim with lakes

And cry


I Inherhit Sleep


I wish I had the ability to see


Underneath the water

Succumbing to passion

I'm weak

Her pomegranate flowers

I inherit nothing but sleep

Life buries the meek

Underneath the tower

I inherit nothing but sleep

So I'll sail away underneath my sheets

My love for you burns me

Every single hour

I'll crawl away underneath my sheets

Your time with me was frozen last week 

In golden amber


The Summer Died


The summer died

And the image turned to grey

I made the pain

When I wove this sad maze

I reside 

In the lies

Of our temple of clay


new Paneye is imminent

Putting the final touches on my new Paneye album.

I have so many new songs for the Three Rings and Ten Moons album that I'm going to divide them over 2 albums.

The first album will be called Incantations and will include many psch-folk ballads. Three Rings and Ten Moons will likely follow a few months after that.


Saturday, December 17, 2022

A Swollen Eve

A swollen eve

Sinking in the moon light's sheets

The sun recedes

leaving night's lace to weave 

around me

Photo by Johahn Chucci

Hey, wolf boy

I look in the mirror and what do I see?

Drained - my wolf skull beneath  

A glass luna beam 

Friday, December 16, 2022

December Air

December Air
Blowing raven hair

Keep in mind child
She was never there

December rays
Turn your eyes to stone

You beg to taste
and steal her soul


Saturday, December 10, 2022


Exercising my gimp leg in fish city. I've gained 10kgs since my accident in the mountains.


Art Gallery Cruisin


Went cruising the new art gallery extension at the Sydney national art gallery today. I was impressed with the new space they’ve created there and it’s definitely a place I’ll be visiting again. The art displayed was mostly mediocre, but the gallery itself was a magnificently designed temple. 

Thursday, December 8, 2022

Computer Duster

Aaron Carter exited this world in his bathtub from one of the most evil addictions known to mankind - huffing computer duster.

I still listen to the Love album and I think it’s a masterpiece. I love my Love T-shirt and I wear it with pride.

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Man of metal

This is what the inside of my left knee looks like now. I am now part man, part metal. I am a man of metal. As weird as it looks, I am now more or less back to normal. My knee bends and walks and squats just fine now, albeit with a strange, numb metallic feeling down the side of my leg. I've also got a large scar that looks like an alligator bite.


Sunday, December 4, 2022

Occult Heartland


Recently I've started singing more openly about my occult interests and influences. With great pride and joy I have come to stimulate the interest of one of the world's foremost occult heartlands. 

Receiving 951 blog views in a single day from one of my favorite places is something I'll treasure forever. Perhaps eyelid temples is destined for entry into a holy book or 2.

Thursday, November 24, 2022

Art and Music Night with Paneye

Snippet of me playing "I Stumbled Upon Her Ruins", filmed by Kim

Gig Night for Paneye

My first gig in a long time. I played for nearly 2 hours at El Roco in Kings Cross while the lovely Keira Wellard nude-modelled in the foreground. It all went very well and the audience was attentive and appeared to really like my songs. It’s inspired me to keep gigging and take my Paneye show out to a wider audience. 

The entire gig was filmed so I’ll post it later on. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Friday, November 18, 2022

Under the Night of Pan

The solid ground is fragile
The void
Of sky and space is eternal 

Nothingness is permanent
Solid can be broken apart

The ancient trees drew their gnarled roots
Out from the earth
And followed him

Stepped on a diamond lattice 
Of clay
And rotten leaves

Broken open he
Disappeared beneath
The forest

The moon above whispered
All that is great
Is built upon pyramids of sorrow

Sunday, November 13, 2022

Walking down to Cooper Park


Testing my metal knee on the steepest downhill street in Bellevue Hill. My legs are getting stronger and strrrrronger. There’s quite a bit of nerve damage and pain but I’ll push through it.