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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paneye - All Albums

I've noticed all the links to my music have died. Here is a re-upload of all my albums as Paneye, and with Jasper Rice as bristles on the carapace. 

This music spans 2008-2010 Starting in Summer Hill and ending in Japan.

Update: New album from September 2014 also included below. I will keep updating this post with my new music as and when it comes.

Remote Summer Clouds (2014) :

Download links:

Lost In A Dark Aquarium (2010) :

Lying Under Moribund Waves (2009) :

Along The Way To The Bigtop, My Life Just Dissolved (2009) :

Wilt And Loom (2009) :

bristles on the carapace - Your Concrete Elders Tower Above You (2013)

bristles on the carapace - Eat The Moss And Bound Away (2010) :

bristles on the carapace - Faded Suburbs (2009) :

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Wolli Creek

A video diary of a boating trip down Wolli Creek with my brother. We fished and played chess along the way as we slowly rowed towards the weird, submerged forest at Nanny Goat Hill.

This forest has trees covered in sleeping fruit bats throughout the day, and great pillars of vines that make it a maze-like place to wander through.

Wolli Creek- Music, video,editing by W.Treffry 2013