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Monday, March 1, 2021

Lord of Circles by Paneye (2021)


I've decided to release quite a personal album about my life from 2018-2020. It's mostly acoustic guitar and piano.

1. Eaten By Birds
2. Wishing Will Not Help
3. Lord of Circles
4. As I Wake
5. That Glimpse Of Truth
6. The Hexe I Deserved
7. Killing The Most Beautiful Thing I Ever Had
8. Ketamine To Forget You
9. Diminished By One Hundred
10. Spirit Maze
11. Vestige Of What We Were
12. Life Is But A Fleeting Vapour
13. Year Of Loss
14. Emanate From Emanations 
15. Nilum


Words, Music, Vocals by Will Treffry
Art by Will Treffry and Bonnie
Original photos by Bonnie and Will
Water sample on Track 5 by Bonnie
Jay Squire plays guitar with me on Track 14

All recorded on Duxford Street in Paddington, Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains and Ocean Street in Edgecliff, Sydney 2018-2020

I'm happy to write that I've collaborated with my old friend Jesse Donald (Jay Squire) on track 14 of this album. The song is called Emanate From Emanations. We used to play guitar together a lot back at Art School and it was nice to strum together again with my old friend.

I hope you'll enjoy the relaxing, melancholic tunes on Lord of Circles. I found making this album very cathartic. 

Lord of Circles can be listened to for free, or purchased at this link:


I've included a few track previews from the album below:

  Wishing Will Not Help


  Vestige Of What We Were


  Eaten By Birds


     Lord of Circles




Eaten By Birds

Some caterpillars become

Some caterpillars become
Eaten by birds


Wishing Will Not Help

Will I
See you again

And can I
Hold you
Once more 
The end

And wishing won't help that

I'd do anything
To go back in time
And be with you

I'm trapped with your ghost
In a photograph
And there's nothing I can do


Lord of Circles

I drift in a cold sea
Your hand written notes
Hang on ropes above me

I can not reach them
and I'll never read
About a future
Where you'll be

And I've got to live
With my regret now
And I've got to see
The journey through

And you'll always be
A part of me
And I'll miss you

So I'll move on

The leaves on our tree
Have turned to brown
And they've fallen
To the ground

I don't want to leave

But I have to break free
Of this sad prison of memories


As I Wake

When the wind whistles through the chimes
I long for you

As I walk along the railway lines
I think of you

As I close my eyes 
As I
Lie on the pipes
I dream of you

And then I sigh
As I wake
And have to face a life
That you escaped


That Glimpse of Truth

That glimpse of truth
I hate to see
Maybe you needed
To set me free

I was under 
Your dark spell
A beautiful swamp
A comfortable hell

That glimpse of truth
I hate to see
Maybe you needed
To let me be

I was searching inside of you
Where foolish hope once grew


The Hexe I Deserved

You cursed me with
A Hexe that I deserved

I hurt you

Now I'm pecked
By birds of regret

In sad dreams
When I see
What we
Could have been


Killing The Most Beautiful Thing I Ever Had

I killed the most beautiful thing
I ever had

We had our own little world
It's now turned to stone and sand

And I'm sad


Ketamine To Forget You



Vestige Of What We Were

We had a good thing
But I let it dissolve
Before my eyes

I watched you cry
I let you drown
I watched us slowly die

I sat in my chair
And I stared deep down
Into my glass pipe

I watched you cry
And I let you drown
I watched us slowly die


Life Is But A Fleeting Vapour

Life is
But a


Year of Loss

All that I was 
Is no more

A year of loss
Has ended
With a closed door

I became a shade
Of what I was

You took no pity
sitting coldly above

You wanted me 
To destroy myself

And leave me
On an old shelf

One day I will walk to our waterfall

And remember that fine Sunday
When we had it all
Before us

It's now