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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paneye - All Albums

I've noticed all the links to my music have died. Here is a re-upload of all my albums as Paneye, and with Jasper Rice as bristles on the carapace. 

This music spans 2008-2010 Starting in Summer Hill and ending in Japan.

Update: New album from September 2014 also included below. I will keep updating this post with my new music as and when it comes.

Remote Summer Clouds (2014) :

Download links:

Lost In A Dark Aquarium (2010) :

Lying Under Moribund Waves (2009) :

Along The Way To The Bigtop, My Life Just Dissolved (2009) :

Wilt And Loom (2009) :

bristles on the carapace - Your Concrete Elders Tower Above You (2013)

bristles on the carapace - Eat The Moss And Bound Away (2010) :

bristles on the carapace - Faded Suburbs (2009) :

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