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Friday, January 29, 2016

Desertism lyrics

Eyelid Temples

Temples in your eyes
Revealing all of our wide, broken time

I Stumbled Upon Her Ruins

I stumbled upon her ruins
tiny cities in the dew on her cheeks

I stumbled upon her ruins
her private towns that she let me see
that she let only me see

I knew her for just a little while
But I knew her for what seemed like eternity

Watched By Every Gloom

Come along to apartment 815
I'm marooned in the sky

Watched by every gloom
Caressed by every sigh

Passports To Overcast Island

Passports to overcast islands
she's roaming, and I know that she'll find him
she's crying, and I know she'll unwind me

Set her memories free on the clifftop's craggy breeze

Visited By Murky Windings

Visited by the murk
my shirt hasn't been washed in days

Visted by the murk
time ticks on in my swampy maze

Winding on
it was labyrinthine all along

Winding on
you were here, now you're gone

Disfigured Fortune

Disfigured fortune comes my way
when I walk all night
and I sleep all day

Empty Boats And The Vortex

Where do you sail?

Fragile Awe

I saw
your fragile awe
in my empty claws

I saw
your fragile awe
on my dusty floor

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