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Monday, May 1, 2017

Memory Studies by Bristles On The Carapace

Memory Studies by Bristles On The Carapace


1. Tumbledown Villages Line Lagoons

2. The Tropical Coastline Was Colourful And Creepy

3. Patches Of Jungle

4. The Lush And Ramshackle Peninsula

5. Dusky Skinned Woman Standing In The Doorway Of A Crumbling Shack

6. Endless Banana Plantation

7. I Visited A Butterfly Sanctuary And Was Swarmed By Colourful Creatures

Music by: Will Treffry
Album Cover Photo and Words by: Jasper Rice
Vocals and Inside Sleeve Cover by: K

Thanks K.!

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  1. This recent album launched based on ambient tropical and many people out there will really love. I didn't know about this album as much. but have seen so many positive reviews.