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Sunday, April 26, 2020

Her Industrial Wasteland Pharmacy

Another dream:

I had driven her to a bleak, industrial part of the city. A wasteland of abandoned buildings.

Even though I didn't recognise this place, it still somehow felt familiar.

The sky was full of grey clouds with jagged black spires, the concrete was shiny and wet, a light rain was drizzling down, putrid garbage and human waste littered the deserted streets.

She had a job in a pharmacy in this industrial wasteland.

This is the job she had always had while we were together. It was a part of her life that I never knew. I thought to myself "So this is where you go to work every day."

It was a grim, fetid and ghostly area, almost like the neglected zones of Detroit. Streets of moldered concrete and foul gutters with brown, rust-coloured streams flowed into rotted sewers.

I drove past barely legible bill posters that were torn and flapping, like peeled skin, from the sides of dilapidated buildings like decaying, gangrenous flags.


"This is the place" she said, nodding her head in the direction of a looming cluster of tall, blighted buildings. I parked my car in a side street, next to an old, polluted canal.

She got out of the car and walked ahead of me, her high-set ponytail bopping up and down as she strode purposefully towards the pharmacy. I lost sight of her as I was overcome by my dark, putrefied surroundings.

Suddenly, I was inside the pharmacy. I was standing behind an aisle and she was near the front counter. It was crowded, with lots of shadowy strangers milling around. I was watching her, but she couldn't see me. I was invisible. She was pouting and looking around the pharmacy, striking poses, as if trying to capture the attention of the faceless customers.

I felt a mixture of disgust and sadness. "How can you be so happy, spending all of your days in this derelict part of town, working in this dirty, rotting pharmacy?" I thought to myself.

I turned away from her and left the pharmacy. I felt a cold wind hit my face as I walked down the corroded streets towards the old, rancid canal where my car was parked.

I turned down a street that I thought my car was on, but it wasn't there. I felt a surge of anxiety as I looked for something familiar. I walked up and down the street, searching hopelessly. I eventually came to a chain link cyclone fence.

Through the mesh, I saw my car parked on the adjacent street. I felt a flood of relief as I walked across a nearby bridge, back to my car and drove away.

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