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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Mingle with a Mirror Spirit

The girl with the long, straight, dark hair looked intently at Callum as they sat in the living room. Nervously, Callum fumbled with the remote control as he tried to choose a movie for them both to watch. Callum's mind was hardly on the movie selection though. His mind had a floaty, fuzzy feel about it, and he had butterflies fluttering around in his chest.

The glass window rapped outside of the living room. Callum jolted his head towards the window and saw his brother's face through the glass scowling at him.

"Callum! You have to pack the dishwasher! You promised mum and dad", Callum's brother whined.

Callum flushed red and made a pleading face at his brother. 

His brother rolled his eyes and rapped the window again.

"You promised mum and dad you'd do it! They will be angry!"

Callum looked back towards the dark-haired girl with an embarrassed, apologetic expression.

The girl's name was Quin. Although, the girl had never told Callum her name before. He just somehow knew that her name was "Quin", as if she had telepathically inserted it into his memory. Callum also realised that he had never met Quin before this moment, at least not that he could precisely remember. Callum also had no idea how they had arrived in his parent's living room together, but Quin was so entrancingly beautiful that Callum didn't mind at all and put his memory loss down to his nervousness and having probably smoked too much weed earlier that day.

"I think you should pack the dishwasher, Callum. I'll wait for you upstairs," Quin whispered softly.

Callum shrugged in agreement and went to the kitchen as Quin disappeared upstairs.

As quickly as he could, Callum packed the dishwasher. He hoped Quin would be waiting for him upstairs and that she hadn't decided to leave after that awkward interaction with his brother. He packed the last fork into the dishwasher tray and began to make his way hastily upstairs to his bedroom.

As Callum entered his bedroom he found Quin lying naked on his bed beckoning him to lie down with her. Callum eagerly unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the floor as he lay down beside Quin. Her soft hands began tracing his chest as she moved her lips towards his. Just as her lips touched his, the room began to vibrate and tremble before rapidly collapsing before Callum's eyes.

Callum woke up suddenly in his empty city apartment.

"Dammit", Callum thought to himself. "I always wake up just as my dreams begin to reach a climax."

Callum lay in his bed and stared at the ceiling, reminiscing on how vivid the dream was and how real Quin felt. How was he able to recreate such a vivid person in his dreams? Quin didn't exist and didn't resemble anyone that Callum knew in his real life. 

Callum wished he could re-enter the dream and be with Quin again. He began to feel very sad when it dawned on him that Quin wasn't real and was merely a figment of his imagination.

As Callum was lost in his thoughts, the bedroom door began to creak open. A lithe, shadowy figure entered the room and began to draw closer to the foot of Callum's bed. It was a figure Callum immediately recognised. It was Quin!

"I've located you", Quin whispered.

Quin lay down beside Callum and they embraced. Quin seductively crawled on top of Callum and began to lick his chest. They were about to engage in love making when again the room began to vibrate and tremble. Callum's body shook in a jolt and he awoke again.

He was alone and Quin was gone.

Callum lay there stunned. He had just experienced a layered dream. Quin had visited him again and, cruelly, Callum had awoken just as they had begun to elope. 

Callum lay there in the darkness of his city apartment bedroom, trying to process the unbelievably vivid dreams he had just experienced.

A ghostly sound suddenly rasped beside Callum.

"haahhhhhhhhhh", a cracked rasped exhale of dead air.

Callum turned his head and saw a black figure sitting crossed legged beside him. 

Frozen in fear and fully awake, Callum's first instinct was shocked disbelief. He reached his hand towards the black figured and clutched its forearm. The figure's forearm was hairy and muscular. 

Utterly paralysed, Callum held onto the figure's hairy forearm as it rose from its seated position and drew closer to him. Callum could see Quin's face in the almost pitch-black room. Her eyes were sunken, beady coals and her face was a sallow and dead looking shade of pale yellow.

Quin slowly crawled on top of Callum as he held on tightly to her hairy forearm. Quin then pressed her long body into Callum's and he felt ripples and surges of electricity up and down his body and face. Quin's body began to sink into Callum's as the electricity intensified and he began to shake. Their bodies were merging. As Quin's body became fully immersed into Callum's, a violent jolt brought Callum out of his paralyzed state.

Quin had fully disappeared inside of Callum. He had regained his motor skills and sat bolt upright in bed.

"What in hell just happened to me?" Callum's voice trembled in the dark.

Callum looked down and saw that he was clutching his own hairy forearm. Quin's hairy arm had somehow become his own, and Callum still clutched it tightly with fear.

As he slowly released his grip from his forearm, Callum still felt the traces of electricity rippling up and down his body and face.

Callum turned his head towards the giant floor to ceiling mirror that was position bedside his bed. He looked at his own reflection and intuitively knew that Quin had come from the mirror. The mirror was her gateway to him.

Was he awake this time? Callum jumped out of the bedsheets and immediately checked his entire apartment to make sure that he was alone.

Nobody was there and Callum went back to his bed in silence. He lay down on the mattress and again turned his head to the mirror. He had remembered reading in an old occult book that he owned that in Eastern cultures the mirror was believed to be a portal into the spirit realm and that sleeping in front of a mirror could invoke ghosts.

As Callum lay on his bed, looking at his reflection and for any trace of Quin, part of him felt that she was still there with him, unseen.


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