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Friday, December 23, 2022

Incantations by Paneye (2022)

Incantations by Paneye 2022

Download here: Incantations 2022

Words, Music, Voice by Will Treffry

Photos by Johahn

All recorded 2021-2022 on Ocean Street

1. Under The Night Of Pan

2. Knowing The Oaks

3. They Live In Your Blood

4. Emeralds From Paradise

5. Honeycomb Lungs

6. Darkness Shines

7. Descend Beneath The Moon

8. Vows Forgetfulness

9. Where Grey Clouds Pass Me By

10. Groom Solemn Wings

11. I Inherit Sleep

12. The Summer Died

13. You Wear Boundlessness 



Under The Night Of Pan


The solid ground is fragile

The void

Of sky and space is eternal

Nothingness is permanent


Solid can be broken apart

The ancient trees drew their gnarled roots

Out from the earth and followed him

Stepped on a diamond lattice

Of clay

And rotten leaves

Broken open he

Disappeared beneath

The forest

The moon above whispers

All that is great

Is built upon pyramids of sorrow


Knowing The Oaks


My great grandfather was a druid

He collected nature's healing fluids

In his cauldron of oak leaves

He had knowledge of the oak trees

A father of the northern woods

He lived where tall stones stood

Ruling with his twig haired birch queen

In dense foliage by a gentle stream

Under the ringed solar gleam


Emeralds From Paradise


Swirling senselessly

I have no form, just a haphazard heap

Of dispersion 

Floating here for several years

On a river of your tears

Now I am a part of the current

I flow wherever it takes me

Face down I float in your stream

My melancholy life's but a dream

Emeralds from paradise

Invoked twice using blood

Emeralds from paradise

Her incantations turn me to mud

Purification and banishing

The comet tail

Always points away from the sun

Struck me down in the mud

Her incantations rained in a flood

And in your tide I drifted peacefully

The crimson currents filled up my lungs


Honeycomb Lungs


The tide

Sweeps me away

Horizon hides

Behind screens of turquoise rain

I'm going insane

So I'll hold my tongue

Silent red eyes

And honeycomb lungs

My brother nearby

In a ghost gum cave

Resting our minds

On this quiet blue mountain top plain


Darkness Shines


Fold the world

Bold girl

Hold and unfurl

A hole and a swirl

Powdered bones

A barren soul in a girl

So very bold

You broke apart my world

Time remains untold

It burns, smokes and curls

Elation buried in the South Pole

A hole and a swirl

We spoke of the gold

Tomorrow's slow

The moonlight bathed us in pearls

Saturn light bathed us in pearls


Descend Beneath The Moon


Moon eyes 

Staring down at me

In the twilight

Big round eyes

Brim with lakes

And cry


Where Grey Clouds Pass Me By


I don't know why

You continue to creep on my mind.

By the full moon's cliffside

I walk the dark coastline.

I climbed the mountain

Then you died

I live in the sky 

Where grey clouds pass me by.


I Inherhit Sleep


I wish I had the ability to see


Underneath the water

Succumbing to passion

I'm weak

Her pomegranate flowers

I inherit nothing but sleep

Life buries the meek

Underneath the tower

I inherit nothing but sleep

So I'll sail away underneath my sheets

My love for you burns me

Every single hour

I'll crawl away underneath my sheets

Your time with me was frozen last week 

In golden amber


The Summer Died


The summer died

And the image turned to grey

I made the pain

When I wove this sad maze

I reside 

In the lies

Of our temple of clay


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