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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Discharged in a chair to the rehab sanctuary

Visited by a Choo. My guardian Angel.

After convincing the physiotherapist and OT that I was in the safest hands of a loving family, they reluctantly discharged me in a chair.

I am very lucky in that one of my brothers is a trained nurse and my other brother (the one who rescued me) is strong as a bull and has been through his own rehab for serious injuries in the past. He is eventually going to help me rehabilitate in a pool, which is an excellent way to learn how to walk again. Submerged up to my neck, 90% of my body weight will be supported by water. I can rebuild strength this way and this is a future goal of mine.

The real test begins now. I am non-weight bearing for 8 weeks. Time to start wriggling my toes and try to resurrect my leg. I’ll channel Uma Thurman in Kill Bill - “wriggle your toes!”

First step is keeping circulation healthy, lots of blood thinners and keeping my leg elevated. I must avoid clotting at all costs in this delicate stage. 

My next steps will be to get lots of sleep, eating a perfect diet and beginning a regime of small exercises to get this new, metal leg of mine moving. 

The dream is that I’ll be able to start using this chart to build my leg, once I get feeling back in it.

They have me in a leg brace that I am able to unlock and bend to 90 degrees once my leg heals. The plates and screws holding my knee together are going to help new bone to grow and eventually, with time, I’ll have a new knee. I’ll be going for regular follow up X-rays to chart my progress. Eugene Chung is a master surgeon and he completed a very complicated procedure for me. I am lucky that I was able to secure his services. 

The mind is a powerful thing and I can heal my body with it. I believe in mind over matter. I will walk again! 

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