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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Life is fragile - The valley where I nearly died

I was exploring a trail-less, uncharted valley with my bro. About 2 mins after I took this video, the soggy soil ground gave way above a cliff a little further down. I fell 10 metres onto a rocky creek bed in about 3 inches of water. If I was knocked unconscious I would’ve drowned, but by some miracle I managed to fall on my backpack. My leg was badly mangled and I’m facing a 90 minute operation (Update: turned out to be a 3.5 hour operation). I am posting this from my hospital bed where I’m facing a long stay. The doctors expect me to be here a few days at least, depending on how the surgery goes, and then extensive rehab. No guarantee I’ll be walking normally again. I’ll have a metal leg forever now, held together by plates and bolts. I’m lucky to be alive and I owe it to my brother who refused to leave me in the valley. With ropes and extreme perseverance I crawled out of there with his help. Adrenaline is an amazing thing (as is having an awesome brother). There was no phone signal. Life is fragile. I have been on thousands of technical bushwalks in my life. I have never injured myself. I will now never take life for granted ever again. Life has taken on a beautiful hue and I feel nothing but appreciation that I am still here. 

I’ll never forget the look of terror on my brother’s face when he found me. He thought I was dead and at that moment I saw his love for me. 

He saved me and I owe him my life. I crawled out of that valley with his help. It took hours. By the end he carried me to the top where we finally had phone reception. An ambulance soon arrived. They couldn’t understand how i managed to get out of the valley, given the extent of my injuries. They put me on lots of nice drugs and took me away to Dream land. My brother never left my side.

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