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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Update on my recovery and another turn of fate

A remarkable turn of fate happened for me today. 

A kind wardsman came to move me into a new rehab unit today where I’m expected to do very well. We started chatting and he asked about what happened to me. I told him I fell off a cliff and he asked me where it was. I told him it was the cliffs behind the Fairmont hotel in Wentworth Falls. He paused and his face dropped. He then told me that he was ex-Police Rescue and knows the exact cliff I fell from. In his own words he’s pulled multiple deceased from that exact cliff. He describe bodies he's found in that valley as "jellified". He said flatly that I shouldn’t be alive today and asked me if I was a man of Faith. At that point I decided that I had to record an interview as a permanent reminder to treasure my good fortune. My head is spinning. Life has sent me the clearest message I’ve ever had - I am lucky to be here.

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