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Monday, October 17, 2022

Water - What axolotls have taught me

I am a fish lover and I’ve started keeping a large collection of different types of fish, including axolotls.

Since becoming a fish owner and aquarium keeper I have been horrified to discover that Sydney tap water kills all fish, including the notoriously hardy goldfish.

I must heavily treat Sydney tap water to make it liveable for fish, including removing chlorine and ammonia from it. 

Is this water that I want to be drinking? I don’t think so. I also break out in a rash every time I shower in Sydney tap water, especially on my face. Showering in filtered water (vitamin C filter) has resolved the problem. I also noticed my overall sense of health and brightness has massively improved after I stopped drinking Sydney tap water. 

Careful about what you put in your body ladies and gents! Spring water is a good option, although the ideal h20 is freshly melted glacial water from a mountain stream. 

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